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What is Monegraph?

Monegraph is a technology that lets you, in a permanent and public way, claim your work as your own and set its rules for use. Anywhere that work goes, when it is used, you get paid. Built on the oldest and most secure public ledger, Monegraph uses blockchain architecture to establish and link the author of a work to its title of ownership, its constellation of usage rights, and payment terms for handling those rights.

What types of digital work can be Monegraphed?

Monegraph was conceptualized by Artist/CEO Kevin McCoy at Rhizome’s Seven on Seven conference in 2014. The initial version supports digital images, photos and animating GIFs. We are working to support many other media types and source file formats in the near future.

When can I start using Monegraph?

Beginning July 14, Monegraph is inviting its inaugural group of creators to the platform. Drawn from a range of creative industries spanning art, fashion, photography and design, these pioneers will frame the opportunities that Monegraph brings to their fields. We will be expanding the private beta to a larger user base in August and plans to officially launch to the public in September 2015.

Early Access of Monegraph

Monegraph is inviting a group of creators to get early access to our platform. If you have contacted us in the past, you should already be on our list.

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