Monegraph Everywhere:
Content Monetization Platform

Monegraph is at the nexus of premium content and brand marketing solutions, maximizing impact for brand sponsors and increasing the revenue potential for high quality media by introducing the multiplier-effect into syndication.

Leveraging digital contracts, content owners are able to control the distribution of their media

Rights Management

Control your media's use rights with multiple counter-parties to provide exclusive distribution

Revenue Share

Share revenue with your publishing partners, media creators, and affiliates to drive engagement with your media


Take advantage of your and your partner's social reach build a direct distribution channel

Blockchain Technology for Media Rights

The Monegraph platform enables sharing of revenue across the value chain of media distribution for online broadcasts, video clips, image reels, and other licensed or brand sponsored content. The ability to distribute media via Monegraph's revenue sharing infrastructure aligns the interests of all stakeholders in the creation and promotion of the content in such a way that distribution is dramatically amplified. This allow the media to reach localized communities of viewers not obtainable through centralized points of distribution.

Using Monegraph's patent-pending blockchain technology for media, secured media rights transactions with hundreds of specialized online publishers (websites, blogs, or subscription services) can be facilitated, empowering participants across the media landscape. Monegraph's system enables the direct compensation for digital media, meaning the media creators, publishers, distributors, and associated talent all benefit from the quality, value and engagement of the work.