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Monegraph provides the world's most sophisticated content monetization platform — Monegraph Everywhere. See how premium content owners are doubling their audiences while harnessing larger licensing and sponsorship revenue.

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Monegraph Everywhere

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Monegraph Everywhere, a premium content network infrastructure - increases monetization by expanding the number of demand partners, enabling direct distribution of premium content. With more control and the ability to share in advertising revenue across the value chain, together with their partners, media owner can achieve higher yields.

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True to our core values, Monegraph supports creators everywhere with the tools to directly license their media for commercial or editorial users. Everyone can do it.

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"Our goal is to improve the ecosystem for content producers of all kinds by helping creators and publishers directly realize the value of the media they make. There are many ways that can happen: advertising and sponsorship, licensing, sales and subscriptions, or direct support from fans and collectors. Monegraph unites these different approaches all in the service of compensating and supporting today's creative community.."

Kevin McCoy

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