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Monegraph allows digital creators of all kinds to easily create licenses for the artistic or commercial use of their work. We make it simple to do business with publishers and brands, fans and collectors.

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1. Upload your work and
set license terms
2. Claim your username to
publish to your public catalog
3. Share on social media to
promote and sell your work

What is Monegraph?

Monegraph is a platform that makes it easy for digital creators of all kinds to construct licenses for the commercial use of their digital work. Our system streamlines licensing, payment processing, media handling, and distribution of your work so that you have everything you need to be in business and get paid for what you do. With Monegraph, anyone can buy and sell fully licensed digital media directly. We bring artists, photographers, designers and illustrators together with collectors, publishers, advertisers and brands.

What types of digital work can be monegraphed?

Initially, Monegraph supports JPG, PNG and GIF image files. GIFs can be animated or not. File sizes up to 100 MB are supported. Our system will work for many other kinds of digital files, and we are working hard to support more. Next up will be support for video files and various types of source files. Stay tuned.

What is a Monegraph license?

Monegraph allows you to create and customize a license contract that establishes the usage parameters for your media. These licenses are binding legal agreements between the owner of the work (initially the creator) and a buyer of the work. They are legally enforceable in a court of law and are a prerequisite for many major commercial entities to do business with you. 

Currently Monegraph supports 4 different licenses, the specific terms of which are outlined in the Terms of Service. The four types are Artwork, News Photo, Product Image and Snapshot:

  • An Artwork license is for non-commercial use and personal enjoyment.
  • A News Photo license is for editorial, not commercial use.
  • A Product Image license is a more typical commercial rights-managed (RM) license.
  • A Snapshot license is a commercial agreement that gives virtually all rights over to the buyer.

The most restrictive license we offer is Artwork. The most liberal is Snapshot. The two commercial licenses are Product Image and Snapshot, and the two non-commercial licenses are Artwork and News Photo.

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How do you get paid for selling work with Monegraph?

Currently payments are handled through Stripe. To get paid for selling your work, you must complete the registration process with Stripe. To do so you will need to provide banking details. In the U.S., that means providing your bank account number and routing number. You will also need to provide your address and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Important note: This information is provided directly to Stripe. Monegraph does not see it or store any sensitive information about you. This information is used by Stripe to establish your identity and is important to create trust that you are who you say you are, and that your work is your own.

With Stripe, you are paid directly by the buyer of your work. Monegraph is not a party to the transaction and only takes a processing fee

Some additional tips for completing your Stripe registration:

  • When asked to describe what you are doing, say "Selling media on"
  • When asked for a website on the form, if you don’t already have one, use — once you’ve chosen a Monegraph username.
  • Unless you otherwise register with Stripe, the first time you sell something on Monegraph, Stripe will issue you a temporary registration that will be good for one week. During that time you will need to complete the registration process. We will be exploring other ways of processing payments in the future.

What is my public catalog and how do I use it?

The public catalog is a portfolio of your work that is publicly available at It can be work that is for sale, or work that is just registered that is not for sale. To add work to your public catalog, from the main collection view, roll over each image you want to add. As the thumbnail image expands, you will see a check mark in the upper corner. Check the image and a menu bar will appear that will allow you to add the work to the public collection. If a work is sold, it will be removed from your public collection

What is the difference between 'sell' and 'register'?

Sell means to offer the work for sale under one of the four license types supported by Monegraph. Register means that the properties of the work and your identity as it’s creator are recorded, but no sales offer is generated. It’s not currently for sale, but it is in our system.

What is the blockchain, and how does Monegraph use it?

The blockchain is a special kind of public database. It is the database used by the digital currency Bitcoin. The information about who made a work, who owns it and what the license terms are is stored in our own database, but it is also stored in the Bitcoin Blockchain. This helps provide an independent verification of the attribution and ownership information, so you stay in control of your intentions around your work. It also is part of the digital signature process that shows that a contract has been executed and a hand-off of rights has occurred. 

Currently, Monegraph manages all of the blockchain transactions, so you don’t have to know anything about it, own any Bitcoin, or keep track of any private keys. In the future, we will support the ability to export the blockchain records of your license contracts for those who want to self-manage the rights licensing process themselves.