Monegraph is a creative blockchain studio and platform in New York City.
We facilitate and enable artistic, social and creative uses of blockchain technology.
We are here for artists, photographers, filmmakers and musicians.
We offer a public platform allowing anyone to register creative works on the Bitcoin blockchain along with ways to trade, buy and sell those works


Upload your creative work to our platform: any file type, individually or in bulk, on mobile or web

Select Your Terms

Set the rights and terms for the commercial use of your media using our contract templates

Distribute & Market

Make your work available as part of your public Monegraph catalog or anywhere else using plugins and widgets

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We also produce custom projects in collaboration with artists, publishers and institutions allowing them to experiment and engage with this technology

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Seamless Integration

With Monegraph, your work and your licensing go where you need them to go, in a way that is attributed and licensable. We provide a growing set of blockchain and cloud-based tools to integrate your monegraphed work into your own website, your social media feeds and your communications with fans, clients and collectors.

Creator Stories

These creators are using Monegraph's tools to refine the relationship between their craft and their audience. See how creative professionals integrate licensing, pricing, and social distribution to find new opportunities for their work.

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Make your work work for you

Monegraph gives you a public catalog where any work in your collection can be offered for sale. You are paid directly at prices and terms you control. 

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